my art studio

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my art studio

updated photograph of my art studio.
my art studio is an "organic being". it grows and changes as i continue to work.

my art studio

some thoughts about my studio to share with you all:

since i write a lot, and i enjoy getting to know flickr artists and have you know me i wanted to share my studio with you all….and…i love my studio (which i designed myself) and wanted you all to see it.

background: i have always had a studio. when i was very young i painted on the kitchen table (i’m sure we all did…and maybe still do!). in every home we’ve had, i have had a studio. in our first apartment i painted on the floor in the t.v. room. i was more "supple" then, so down on the floor worked for my knees! when we lived in italy and twice in germany our apartments were large enough for me to have my own room for making art. when neal and i first bought our house here (years ago) i was creating 2d art, mostly acrylic painting. i also was a part owner/artist in a gallery on conn. ave (in washington, dc, usa) working in stained glass. since i was cutting glass i needed a hard floor surface (easier to clean up). the downstairs of our house lent itself to this and i was happy there. then off to heidelberg, germany for 12 years. when we returned to the states i was no longer doing stained glass and david (our son) was off at college, so i turned the small upstairs bedroom into my studio and again spent many happy years in that room. but….i out grew the room! i was making many art pieces, acquiring more objects to use in my art, etc. neal and i had renovated our house twice (i did all the design) and now it was time for the third renovation…turn our huge attic, with very high ceilings, into a studio for me (by the way…we renovated another time after that…the kitchen. four renovations in all! i think we are done now).

so..back to the attic renovation: i knew exactly what i wanted……a studio that would look like a (french) artist atelier…..i did the design, found a contractor and viola! my new studio! when i look at it (it stretches across the entire house) i am amazed that i was able to work in the small room below. i removed the ceiling in the small bedroom…now i have a wide open space in part of my studio which affords me access to the window below (since i do not work from nature natural sunlight is not that important to me, but i do like to be able to see the beautiful maple tree that is outside the window. i used the framing for the original attic stairs and made a glass block floor…now i can see down below and light filters up into my studio. the cat was very cautious … Read More

Manufactured Home Additions Basics: Know Before You Grow

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Mobile homes are marvels in how they use every inch of space. When you need more than a few more nooks and crannies, you might consider an addition to create substantial space. Whether you need a deck, a shed, a carport, or another room, manufactured home additions can make your home more comfortable and more suitable for your family. Since mobile homes are different than traditionally constructed homes, it’s important to understand these basics of manufactured home additions before making a decision.

Is it realistic? Prices on manufactured homes in the same community may vary widely. Before taking on an extensive project that will cost thousands of dollars, first consider if moving is a more cost-effective option. Remember that too many costly changes can out price your home for the neighborhood.

How will an addition affect the local codes? Adding a room, carport, or even a deck might make your home occupy more of the land than local codes allow. Your local park owners may even prohibit certain types of additions. Make sure to check with both the city and your park managers before you get beyond the dream stage.

Do you have the land? Manufactured home additions take room. Even if they are legal, an addition that uses all your land will detract from the aesthetics of your property – and can annoy your neighbors.

Will it be attached to your home or freestanding? Additions attached to your home can be tricky. Mobile homes set atop a piece of land are ideally secured by footers that extend below the frostline. If your home is not secured this way, it can shift as the ground freezes and an addition will not move with it. With the proper footers, there may be some shift, but you can more safely attach a room. Even then, getting the floors to line up evenly is challenging.

What about utility connections? Pulling some wiring out to a carport or deck might be easy, but adding a room is more complex. You need to ask questions. Can your furnace handle the load? Can you add to your ductwork? Do you have the power capacity? Your addition may require that you upgrade systems to handle the extra load.

Who will do the work? Adding manufactured home additions such as porch or deck is a better DIY project than a whole room. Making additions to manufactured homes is different than adding to a site built property. If you think you can handle the work yourself, you should still consult with a builder who specializes in mobile home construction to make sure that your home can support an addition and advise where best to place it.

Should you consider a pre-built addition when you want to add room? Adding a turnkey addition will ensure that the new room is properly constructed to attach to your present home. Made at a factory, it will be delivered to your site for attachment. Considering that adding a room can run $75-250 per … Read More

Types of Pans

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In most of us, cooking can be considered to be a hobby or an escape. Some even cook as their form of relaxation or some out of boredom. But whatever reason they have, the main reason why people cook is basically to have something ready-to-eat on their dining table. Human beings have their own basic necessity and that goes well for cooking. Without the basic tools, cooking would never be possible. Here is a brief history of where cookware came from:

“The history of cooking vessels before the development of pottery is minimal due to the limited archaeological evidence. It has been possible to extrapolate likely developments based on methods used by latter peoples. Among the first of the techniques believed to be used by stone civilizations were improvements to basic roasting. In addition to exposing food to direct heat from either an open fire or hot embers it is possible to cover the food with clay or large leaves before roasting to preserve moisture in the cooked result. Examples of similar techniques are still in use in many modern cuisines.”

In this modern age, cooking a hearty meal has never been difficult. First, you have to have the finest (not necessarily expensive) and freshest ingredients. Second, you have to have the right cookware to be able to execute everything. Below are the basic cookwares that can be found in any kitchen:

a) Roasting Pan

– This is intended for roasting things (meat / vegetables) in an over or under a broiler).

b) Sauce Pan

– There are 2 kinds of sauce pans but does similar functions. It only differs in shape and depth. The Windsor and Saucier is very efficient if you want to reduce your sauce. The slanted sides make it very effective and easy for whisking. Though it may not be a top necessity, this can be added to your cookware for people who go for a more “culinary-style” cooking.

c) Skillet / Frying Pan

–  This is one type of cookware that no kitchen should miss. This basic frying pan is a must in every kitchen. It is very versatile and can be also called an “all-purpose pan.”

For those who want to enhance their cooking experience, there are also different kinds of cookware that to be used. These items cater for specific purposes in cooking.

a) Chef’s Pan – the chef’s pan is not that deep but has rounded sides. It also has a wide mouth and flat bottom. It can do the function of a sauce pan, frying pan and a skillet. You may use this pan for cooking risotto, stir-fry dishes, braised dishes and reductions.

b) Double Broiler – the double broiler consists of two pans. One is a pan that can hold up to 2-3 inches of boiling water. The other pan is where you place and cook the food. This one is perfect for melting butter or chocolate, cook custard or cream and even for heating or reheating food.

c) Dutch Read More

Home Decorating Ideas to Soften a Black and White Scheme

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A black and white interior decor scheme can appear severe and sterile or warm and inviting – it truly depends on how you use your own fresh home decorating ideas to soften a harsh monochromatic palette. Neutral design needs not be boring, it can be just as exciting as any other color scheme and twice as sophisticated!

Plenty of Prints

Standard black and white rooms without any patterns or decorations often end up looking like a showroom floor. Unless you want to feel like you’re living in an IKEA advertisement, consider getting a little funky with bold prints. Many designers choose to go with striking patterned wallpaper to tie every element together, but sometimes that’s just not achievable. Instead, try throwing down a large area rug that features organic shapes, like zebra stripes or floral prints.

Apply these home decorating ideas for patterns judiciously, though. Too much chaos can make the room look even more uninviting than an empty one. Instead of choosing bold upholstery for all pieces of furniture, try to limit your use of patterns to one chair or table – or use throw pillows or blankets with fun prints on simple furnishings. A large wall print can serve the same purpose while reducing the shock of a pure white or black wall.

Tone it Down or Pump it Up

A dash of colorful home decorating ideas can make all of the difference in a room filled with stark white and rich black. Neutrals beige and tan can work wonders when softening a monochromatic scheme. Grey is a popular and versatile choice – dark shades increase visual stability, while light grey seems to be open and carefree.

Limit yourself to just one or two accent colors. Too many hues cause the eyes to jump around the room leaving an impression of disorganization. Stick with the same tones – if you choose pastel, stick with pastel; if you decide on bright and vivid, make sure that you do not introduce a tone that is dull or faded!

Textures and Shapes

You can easily soften your black and white room by adding, you guessed it, soft textures. Light, billowy window curtains can make a world of difference – but not as much as a huge fluffy area rug. Get playful when you layer textures, there are no wrong answers! Introduce organic shapes wherever possible – sculptures, pieces of driftwood, a chandelier. If you have a garden or access to a nearby park, make sure to always have a vase of fresh flowers on hand for an instant room makeover. Wild flowers are the cheapest home decorating ideas to work with.

Your black and white room does not have to look like a laboratory! Monochromatic schemes can be just as interesting and playful as any other design – it just takes a little experimentation. One thing is for certain: your boring room will not brighten itself up! Use these home decorating ideas and make up some of your own to turn … Read More

Bookshelves: A Home to the World of Awesomeness

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I wonder how people underestimate the power of reading. There is no other way to brighten your soul and confront your deep insights without getting involved in some quality reading. Reading some good books always help to enlighten your imaginations and help you evolve your intellectual, without even costing much. According to Joyce Carol Dates “Reading helps us to slip involuntary into another skin, another voice, another soul.”, This is how books help us inculcate various values and learn life-treasuring lessons, without having to experience anything.

If people love to read a lot, they tend to buy a lot of books. And all those books need to be maintained safely somewhere inside your house, also that, whenever you feel the urge to resume some novel, you can find it in no time. The bookshelves are the ultimate solution to store your valuable books and add to the decor. So, if you tend to buy books, do not let them stray, instead, buy a good-looking bookshelf and give them a home. There are going to be lots and lots of variety of book racks in the market, which may confuse you as to which one to buy. So, the following are some basic types of bookshelves, which can help you decide which one is best suited for your home, thus making shopping a little simpler.

  1. Standard: Back walls, support walls, and horizontal shelves are the key features that this standard style book rack holds. This large, rectangular piece of furniture makes a very decent place to keep the books, and can also display your attractive antiques very beautifully. You can find this style in any material and place it in the corner or the center of your living area or bedroom, very reasonably.
  2. Cubic: Unlike the long, rectangle standard style, this type of bookshelf is structured in the form of a cube. The cube may be small or high raised, depending on your collection of the books. If you choose a wooden cubic shaped bookshelf painted in some bright colors, like hot pink or fresh green, etc., it can add a chic appeal to your room and shows the boredom away.
  3. Sectional: You might not have an abundance of books, or you might not want some of your very favorite books to be on display, then you can opt for this modular bookshelf, wherein, the rack is divided into are various sections or compartments. Some compartments might be closed, and some might be open for a nominal display of books and display items.
  4. Ladder-like: The very contemporary looking ladder-like book racks give a modern appeal to the room. The frame is leaned against the wall, still balancing the books on straight horizontal planks.
  5. Corner: Placed in the corner of your room, these type of bookshelves space a good amount of floor space. Although they do not support a huge collection of books, instead they can be used elegantly to flaunt some limited editions and expensive miniatures.
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