Benefits of Renovating the Kitchen & Bathroom

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Have you been thinking about renovating your kitchen or bathroom but you just aren’t sure? Do you need a little encouragement to help you make up your mind? How about this, renovating your kitchen or bathroom will pay for itself over a few years, and if you ever sell your home, a renovated kitchen or bathroom is a huge selling point. Either of these renovations will raise the value of your home, give you instant equity, and make it sell for a higher price.
Kitchen Renovations
Renovating a kitchen is almost the same as renovating a bathroom, except on a larger scale. Instead of one or two cabinets, you have many cabinets to install. Rather than one small countertop, you have from five to twenty times the countertops to install. The sinks don’t even compare in size from the kitchen to the bathroom.
Start by choosing your cabinets and counter tops. These are the visual focal points of your kitchen. Marble counters are extremely durable and the best looking counters you can buy, and will really bring the value of your kitchen up. Next choose flooring that will go nicely in the kitchen. Tile flooring, carpet, or stone works well in a kitchen. Next choose your sinks and faucets, and then new appliances made for energy efficiency. You can add islands in the kitchen with bar stools, ceiling fans, and even build timbers into the ceiling for a special effect.
Bathroom Renovations
There are several things you will want to do in your bathroom to completely renovate it. Beginning with the bathtub, you can either get a new bathtub or look into bathtub resurfacing. Resurfaced tubs look just like new when it’s done, so there really is no need to replace the bathtub unless you want a new style or size. You will want to replace the showerhead and bathtub fixtures, though. Put in some modern fixtures and get a water saving rain shower head. This will save you some money on your water bill each month.
Replacing the counter tops and sinks can be a job, but it’s not too tough. You can find everything you need at the home improvement store, and even put it all together to see how it will look before you buy it and bring it home. Make sure that the cabinets have ample shelving, and that the faucets match the fixtures in the bathtub. The plumbing for these jobs isn’t too bad, you should be able to do it all yourself. Make sure that you measure first before you buy your cabinets, especially if you plan to replace the toilet with a new low-flow model. You will want to be sure that everything is going to fit in the space you have.
Finish up the bathroom with some great looking tile flooring and new lighting. Be sure to buy the new energy saving florescent bulbs to save even more money. To be safe hire a professional to do the electrical work.

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