Choosing your Pool Cleaning Business Name

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Any one who said ‘what’s in a name’ definitely did not live in the electronic and commercial times of today. The name not only identifies the nature of the business but also plays an important role in conversions. Choosing your pool business name is one of the most crucial and early steps in making the business a success.

There are of course a few points that must be considered before taking the plunge into the prospective names for a pool cleaning business.

1) The targeted audience – Identifying the pool owners that you want to target is crucial to choosing your pool cleaning business name. A name that is offensive or one that is not easy to pronounce by will fail to leave an impact on the prospective clients and the pool cleaning business is likely to sink. On the other hand a name that is easy to remember and unique will attract pool owners. Similarly choosing a name that is geographically relevant is beneficial in choosing your pool cleaning business name. So if the target audience is a group of British pool owners in Beverly Hills then a name like say ‘pool dude’ might not work very well. Such a name may attract the younger American pool owning generation readily.

2) Short, simple yet unique – With the competition in the pool cleaning business rising like high tide, it is important to ensure that your head and shoulders stay above it. It is imperative that the name of your pool cleaning business is not confused with another. But this does not mean that the name should be long or complicated. A short name is easy to remember and does not stress the prospective client. So a name like ‘we clean your pools for you’ will be quite futile. While ‘San Francisco cleaners’ is not a good idea either for the sheer lack of uniqueness in the name. Short names are also easily convertible into web domain names, which is an important marketing tool in today’s ecommercial set up.

3) Relevant names – Since we are looking for a name for a pool cleaning business, it is important that the nature of the business comes across in the name. If a client is unable to understand the service by reading the name, it is unlikely that he/she will seek further information. So calling a pool cleaning business ‘breath of fresh air’ might not work well. On the other hand ‘sparkling pool cleaners’ may be more effective in driving the point home.

4) Catchy and memorable- A pool cleaning business name that is not memorable is not likely to result in conversions. Therefore it is important to select a name for the pool cleaning business that is catchy and memorable. It also needs to bring out the USP of the business. Since each pool cleaner assures the pool owner of cleanliness it might work to select an unparalleled USP. Try a name like ‘army pool cleaners’ if you have retired from the army or a name like ‘herbal pool cleaners’ if you propagate the usage of herbal based products.

‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’ but then would it be as popular as it is today. There are several other sweet smelling flowers, but the rose has its own undisputed position. So when choosing a name for your pool business make sure to keep these tips in mind so as to come up with a name that catches the prospects attention immediately.