Modern Green Furniture: The Future of the Home Furnishing Industry

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With the improved awareness about the dismal state of the world environment, eyes are now set on developing green technologies and products. Modern green furniture, in particular, is becoming highly popular among homeowners and interior designers alike.

Now rapidly attracting a considerable number of designers, the concept for green furniture addresses issues of ecological sustainability, resource-use efficiency and waste management in several ways.

For one, makers of green furniture promote the use of sustainable materials. In particular, environmentalists recommend constructing pieces of furniture that feature certified sustainable wood, or that which is sourced from forests and tree farms certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Rainforest Alliance. Reclaimed wood, or wood from old houses, old furniture, and other built things and scraps from a factory are also sustainable materials to use. With sustainable wood, homeowners can delight in the fact that their modern green furniture is not contributing to the deforestation problem.

Resource-use efficiency, on the other hand, is addressed by the emphasis placed both on the side of consumption and the side of business operations. Whereas the general trend of mass production focuses on delivering quantity, green furniture manufacturers strive to produce high-quality, durable materials that can be easily disassembled and fixed. This way, the furniture does not simply land in the dump in the event of any flaw. As for the operation, resource-use efficiency can be achieved by maintaining fewer stocks, producing by demand and relying more on electronic or website communications.

Finally, modern green furniture makers also promote the use of recycled or recyclable materials, and low-toxicity materials that help resolve waste management issues, and also keep the indoor air healthy. Among these are natural fabrics and fillers and wood finishes.

Viesso, a company based in Los Angeles, California, produces stylish and modern green furniture. Founded by brothers Ryan Schultz and Travis Nagle, Viesso offers pieces created with the goals of customization, sustainability, and functionality in mind. Visit or call 310-453-3604 to know more.