Options for Kitchen Countertops – How to Put More Value to your Home

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Kitchen countertops have significant roles and impact in the entire value of your kitchen and the total quality of your home. If you are planning to resell your property, do the basic things to make it more competitive in the huge real estate market. The best thing to do is to make proper renovation and upgrade in your house, particularly the kitchen. Potential home buyers are drawn to properties which promise functionality and convenience in their occupancy. Since kitchen is considered one of the most functional areas of the home, then it is imperative that you upgrade your kitchen starting with the perfect choice for your kitchen countertops.

How to choose the right kitchen countertop?

In order to have a clear idea of what to kitchen countertop to choose, make sure that you already have in your mind the kind of result you want for your kitchen. Kitchen countertop and their functions depend mainly on the materials installed. Here are the most common materials used for kitchen countertops in the modern home.

  • Ceramic tile. These are the most affordable materials in the wide array of things used for kitchen countertops. Ceramic tiles are known for its durability and low maintenance features. It can be installed by section one at a time therefore some resourceful home owners can do the installation themselves. Ceramic tiles are heat resistant and can be chosen in many texture, color and design to fit your personal specifications.
  • Granite. This type is the opposite of ceramic tile when it comes to the price since granite stones are very expensive. Although the price is quite high, granite gives a very elegant finish and chic look in your modern kitchen. Granites are likewise durable materials however, extreme care is important in order to keep your kitchen countertops free from stains and scratches. Home owners who prefer granite stones for their countertops have the luxury to choose among 3000 color variations.
  • Wood. The most common and durable hardwoods used for kitchen countertops are maple and oaks. Wood or butcher block gives a modest and warm look to beautify your kitchen. This type is quite easy to maintain and clean, has a smooth surface however, needs to be kept from water, scratches and stain damage that may be accumulated over time.
  • Stainless steel. This material is often used for kitchens which have an industrial or modern theme. Stainless steel has a seamless finish since home owners have the chance to install this material in a customized preference. Stainless steel is expensive and durable yet one of its setbacks is that it is extremely noisy and has the tendency to dent when used for a long time.
  • Quartz. This material is also known as engineered stones which are composed of almost 93% quartz particles. It is as costly as granite however it has more color variation and its nonporous features make it scratch resistant.

Discovering the best kitchen countertops is like finding a treasure in the midst of your noble kitchen area. Either for personal use or resale purposes, it surely adds color and quality to your home.