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When getting into a bathroom renovation, it is always better to start from scratch! Newer homes are easy if the builders did everything right. Older homes is another story.

In this chapter we will be referring to older homes that are in serious need of help. The reason is if you can do a bathroom renovation in and older home, you can do any home with a lot less work.

First thing you should do is always access the situation. This is a process that can apply to every renovation project that you decide to take on.

Keep in you mind to remember the first rule it is better to start from Scratch. I always tell people they should gut the Bathroom completely.
You probably already knew I would say that so get the hammer, pry bar if you even know what they are, if not stay away from the local hardware store and go straight to the nearest Home Depot or Lowes store.

You bought this book to renovations in your home so you need good tools that you will need for this job and the next.

Take your hammer and start smashing a straight line down the middle of the back walls first, be careful there is wiring and copper pipes behind those walls. Do not even bring a hammer close to a pipe or wire. Use a little pry bar for those area’s.

Then if you should replace the tube so disconnect the drain and the vent cap. If it is a really old tub that is made of cast iron. Buy a Sludge Hammer and smash away and make sure you were your safety goggles.
Don’t leave anything that you can trip over, you will thank me latter for that.

Now that you have a bare naked bathroom. You can check to see if the wiring is old and the plumbing is leaking. If the plumbing looks old change it! If the wiring is old change it! It is always better to start from scratch! Make sure all drains are vented trough the roof because the smell is toxic and you will not be able to live in that house.

99% of the time when a drain has a really bad smell it is because it is not vented or the pipes are old. Older homes didn’t put vents in back more than 25 years ago. Use PVC drain pipe instead of iron our cooper. It lasts forever. Don’t forget the glue!

Wen soldering cooper water lines make sure you use new pipe, not the you got from a friend. Lead free paste and solder, no 50-50 here you are asking for trouble, and it is against code. You solder all pipes to the shower taps and shower head before you can put anything back together.

I always put in shut-off valves on every tap and line. Lets say you have a leak somewhere. The store is closed and you have to shut the water off to the hole house to fix it. Think first, if there is a shut off on every tap they you can isolate the problem area and still have plenty of water. Sounds better does it not.

Wiring is easy if you can remember a few things. Shut power off to any lines you are working on. Run all wires first before you put up the gypsum board. Make sure all wires have merited ends and all have a proper ground, ground the box too. Why not drywall in the bathroom or the green drywall that they say is water proof. Gypsum board is the blue stuff, just in case somebody tells you different. It is water and mildew resistant.

For the shower tile area use Denishield Boards. They are more expensive but they are water resistant and mildew resistant. Better than cement board that falls apart after 10 years. Cement produces moisture.
Make sure that every joint is taped and adhesive.
Now you can start putting the tub first after running the boards all the way to the floor. The tub should always be anchored to the wall.  Hook up drains and use plumbers putty, even if it has a gasket! Now it will never leak. Always check tapes and joints for any leaks before you close up the walls. Sometimes it may drip just a little, redo the job. At least you have a shut off valve this time.

No leaks you are on your way to freedom now! Drains don’t leak taps don’t leak what are you going to fix? TV remote!

If your going to install a standing shower use the kerdi system. It will be the best 600 after tax you ever spent. I personally use this system all the time. Shower boards should be on top of it, not behind like the tub.

Install a water proof membrane for the floor. If the subfloor needs replacing do this before you do anything you heard before. The membrane should be adhesive to the subfloor and allow 24 hours to dry.
Now the hole bathroom is safe and waterproof.

Choose a tile you wish and tile from the tub to the ceiling. Let dry for 24 hrs. Same thing for shower tiles. If you are using heavy tiles use a product that is made for it. When using marble tiles always use white adhesive. Grey adhesive will change the color of the marble!

If you can tile the floor the same day, if you wish but it is always better to do one area first. If you do the floor at the same time do not walk on the floor for 48-72 hrs.

After installing tiles, grout every joint and push the grout all the way to the wall backing board. This will last forever, if you seal the tiles and grout the next day. You can find different types of sealer and cleaners at the home depot store. For marble the adhesive and the sealer should say right on the bottle for marble. If it doesn’t go somewhere else.

After grouting wait about 20-30 minutes and use a lot of clean water, changing it every time it gets really dirty. You should see a light film on the tiles. Before sealing take a dry towel and dust it off, then seal. For marble seal before and after you grout.

Hey that bathroom is starting to look like something special. 24 hrs after that you can install the vanity and toilet, pot lights, vanity lights, mirror. Make sure all pot lights in the bathroom are waterproof pot lights. Yes you can pot them in the shower too. For a tub install a whirlpool tub for two if you can more room the better. Silicone the grout lines at the lowest joints and everywhere you think water might get in and cause damage.

Congratulations! You now have a spa bathroom remember to install glass shower doors at the end. If This feels like to much work for you feel free to email us and we will give you a free estimate by clicking here or you can visit are home renovations web site.

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